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In the United States, the most highly developed country in the world, there are more than 15 million occurrences of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) each year. The rate of curable STDs in the United States is higher than the rate of STDs in some developing countries. Men and women, whether they are pregnant or not, are screened for STDs by less than one out of three doctors.

If caught at the onset, most STDs can be readily cured. A lack of symptoms mean that many people don't know about their infection and don't know that they need to seek treatment. Even when symptoms do manifest, many people still abstain from seeking treatment, not understanding their symptoms are signs of a more serious infection.

Educating people about STDs and their transmission will greatly lower the risks of spreading infections. STDs without symptoms pose the greatest risks and those at risk for catching an STD should undergo testing to determine if they are infected. Making STD testing a regular part medical care is an easy step to reducing their effect and prevalence.

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